Lens Pouch X Small - Digital Army Camo

Lens Pouch X Small - Digital Army Camo

Date Added: Saturday 31 January, 2009

by jim needham

I love the LensCoat Pouches. I own several and will be buying more for new lenses and RSS monopod head. Well designed, and nicely made from quality materials, they are well-worth the price. I like the way the clip can easily be removed if you don't need it. Same with the firm foam disc in the bottom...remove it if you need the space or want the bag to conform to a different shape. For one of my lenses I needed that extra quarter inch so it would fit in my big camera pack, so that removal option was very convenient. Even in that big, well-padded LowePro Vertex 300 camera pack, I keep the lenses in the pouches so they are ready to toss into a daypack. Although I don't need camo, I've found it's fun and useful to have different patterns for different pouches. Helps ID them instantly. LensCoat Pouches....highly recommended!

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