LensCoatĀ® Canon 500 Realtree Max4

LensCoatĀ® Canon 500 Realtree Max4

Date Added: Saturday 01 August, 2009

by John Steed

Before I get to the product review, I'm glad to have chosen to purchase from LensCoat.com. The service has been great.
Nice work!

As for the product, it really is well designed and fits like a glove.
My only regret is not taking enough care when fitting the original lens hood when stowing for the first time, as it crumpled the lens coat, but being neoprene, it soon returned to it's normal state.
Go slow when fitting the hood to ensure it slips over the lenscoat correctly.

Installation was a piece of cake. A one-page instruction guide accompanies the package which graphically indicates which piece goes where, and the text instructions give you little tips on what to look out for when installing.

I really recommend this for any big lens user.

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