LensCoat® Hoodie® XX Large - Realtree Max4

LensCoat® Hoodie® XX Large - Realtree Max4

Date Added: Friday 14 November, 2014

by Paul Tierney

I have been a long term customer of Lens Coat, going back 10 years or more. I find their products very versatile, in addition to being well made and backed by a superb service. For instance, I have bought two LensCoat Hoodies, one large, one medium. The large one I use for not only covering my 600mm lens when it is sitting on its tripod and gimbal all day, through showers and snow, but also when I am toting the lens, tripod and camera in a soft rucksack, on my back through terrain all day. It fits nicely outside the manufacturers lens hood, and offers extra protection for that front glass. The medium cover I can use for a 400mm 5.6 lens, but most often I use it to cover the top plate of my Gitzo 1548 tripod, again when I have it stowed in the rucksack. With a small disc of hard foam to protect the mounting screw, the hoodie fits perfectly, and sits there all day, protecting my expensive gear. I no longer worry about casual knocks to it, and can haul the equipment to where it can be most useful. To the same end, I have covers for lenses, cameras, gimbals. I don't worry about them getting the odd knock, getting dirt on them, or the occasional shower. The covers are really well made, fit snugly, and have the colour that suits your purpose. I wouldn't bother looking elsewhere for protective gear for my equipment. I am based in Ireland and have no other connection with LensCoat.

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