LensCoat® Nikon 70-200VR Realtree Max4

LensCoat® Nikon 70-200VR Realtree Max4

Date Added: Wednesday 14 May, 2008

by Wolfgang Exler

Odered shipped and received with one day: perfect!
I mounted the LensCoat to my lens and used it over a tour through some National Parks in Utah an Arizona. Mounting is easy an explained on a single instruction sheet. Only the form/shape for the front lens hood is not perfect, also the "wings" from the hood's coat do not align perfectly to the hood itself. I will try to fix this with a kind of "removable cement", I have to find one.

In general, I'm happy with this LensCoat, just the price is a limitation factor an prevents me from applying LensCoats to all my other lens I own.

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