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LensCoatĀ® Ground Pod

LensCoatĀ® Ground Pod

LensCoat® 10" Ground Pod

***Now available in a range of colors***

The all new LensCoat Ground Pod is designed to include all the best features our customers look for in a ground pod. It is made out of a lightweight advanced polymer which is specifically formulated for outdoor use. It is designed to easily clip on to any pack, so it can easily be bought along on any photo opportunity, near or far.  It’s strong, easy to carry, and is backed by our company warranty. 

- 10" diameter ground pod

- standard 3/8 screw compatible with all major tripod heads

- ideal to use with a gimbal or ball head

- suitable for use with all current telephoto lenses

- weighs just 320g / 11oz

- Smooth bottom allows you to easy slide it across the ground, sand, snow, or any surface

- Deep bowl allows you to keep accessories and personal items dry while shooting

From: $89.00

NatureScapes.net  Safety Plate for Gitzo tripods

NatureScapes.net Safety Plate for Gitzo tripods

Safety Plate for Gitzo tripods is designed for ultimate security.

The combination of a telephoto lens, teleconverter, camera, flash, and tripod head is very heavy. When carrying a tripod over the shoulder, this weight puts additional stress on the tripod plate. The plate is custom designed, machined, & manufactured especially using aerospace industry 6061 anodized aluminum, along with two stainless steel bolts - which bolt you will use depends on your tripod model.

The plate is a perfect fit, positioned snugly below the existing Gitzo plate, inside the “basin.” Once installed, the Gitzo plate can not move or loosen, therefore preventing the head & photo equipment from falling. The plate is available to fit the Gitzo 3 & 5 Series Carbon fiber tripods as well as the newest 35 & 55 Carbon fiber tripods.



NatureScapes.net Skimmer Ground Pod II

NatureScapes.net Skimmer Ground Pod II

***this item is currently on backorder***

The Skimmer is the ultimate support for ground-level bird and wildlife photography and is now redesigned!

Made with super heavy duty reinforced crush-proof injection molded plastic it is rugged yet lightweight, weighing less than 15oz." With a unique circular design, it allows you to slide camera equipment in any direction on the ground, even through mud, sand, and grass. And your equipment stays clean and dry, even in up to an inch and a half of water!

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